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Sharping Iron

A  Man’s Spiritual Maturity

ü  Overall Spiritual Maturity   (A Well Rounded Man)

ü  Devout   (Holy, Sincere and Devoted to God)

ü  Just   (Righteous, Wise, Discerning, Non-Prejudice and Fair)

ü  Loving What is Good   (Pursues Godly Ambitions and Activities)

ü  Above Reproach   (A Man of Good Report)

ü  The Husband of One Wife   (Morally Pure)

ü  Temperate   (Well Balanced in Words and Actions)

ü  Prudent   (Wise and Humble)

ü  Respectable   (A Great Role Model)

ü  Hospitable   (Unselfish and Generous)

ü  Able to Teach   (Communicates with Sensitively in a Non-   Threatening and/or Non-Defensive Manner)

ü  N0t Self-Willed    (Not  Self-Centered and Controlling)

ü  Not Quick Tempered    (Void of Anger that Leads to and/or Becomes Sinful )

ü  Not Pugnacious   (Not Abusive)

ü  Gentle    (Sensitive, Loving and Kind)

ü  Peaceable   (Non-Argumentative and Non-Divisive

Not Creating Dissension and/or Discord)

ü  Free From the Love Money   (Non- Materialistic)

ü  Manages His Household Well   (A Good, Consistent Husband and Father)

ü  Self-controlled   (Disciplined)  


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