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Purpose of Rapid Fire



Rapid Fire is a ministry designed to teach, lead, guide, and develop young believers in their spiritual gifts and talents.  This ministry supplies a place for fellowship, mentorship, and discipleship for youth of all ages and cultures.  Everyone that attends the services will be impacted in a positive life changing way through the holy undefiled message of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Rapid Fire mission is to allow God’s future leaders to share with others what the Lord has imparted to them; which can be shared through:   song, dance (mime), poetry, gospel rap, preaching, teaching, whatever God has blessed you with, share it, for you may never know how effective your gift or talent may be for winning souls for the kingdom, unless you try.

Rapid Fire primary purpose is to just allow God to have his way in our youth so that they can be a living and a positive example to their peers, friends, and families that do not know about Jesus Christ.  The word of God expressly says in Proverbs 11:30 “he that winneth souls is wise” so yes, God can use our children to reach and teach the gospel to this dying world “Is there anything to hard for God”, not one thing. 

There’s always a life changing message in the word of God that will forever transform our lives, and generations to come.

We welcome you!


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